Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A recent find.. for chic-lit enthusiasts

Something new I was craving to read
Bernadette Strachan it was I found
One book I read, that's all it took
To fall head over heels to love a book

RM25 each
(inclusive of postage)

A wonderfully engaging and romantic comedy about Evie Crump and the residents of 18 Kemp Street...When struggling actress Evie Crump inherits a sprawling Victorian pile from an old family friend in Camden, it would seem to be a dream ticket for Evie and best-friend Bing to escape from the leaky-flat-from-hell. Except it comes with a proviso: she may not evict the existing tenants under any circumstances. There's Bernard, a recluse, who doesn't know how to boil an egg; unforthcoming single-mum Caroline; and the mysterious A P Warne of whom there is no sight. And try as she might to focus on reviving her acting career and her love life (without falling for the charms of her leading man), Evie simply can't resist getting involved in the lives of her new family...

Handbags and Halos

Neil Fitzgerald worries that her life is shallow and meaningless. She's right - it is. Stricken by an acute pre-mid-life crisis, she's walked out on her obstreperous boyfriend, moved in with her icy Knightsbridge grandmother and been forced to assume the role of faux girlfriend to closet gay TV presenter, Blair Taylor, by her merciless boss at the Morgan theatrical agency. In a desperate bid to inject a little depth into her existence, Neil enrols at 'Helping Hands' volunteer centre. There the frighteningly grown up coordinator, Phred, looks on in bemusement as a series of mishaps lead her to discover that 'doing good' doesn't offer the immediate rewards she'd bargained for. Can Neil juggle the demands of her two very different worlds as well as her eccentric family, perplexed girlfriends and unexpected feelings for Phred?

Little White Lies

Jilted bride Billie Baskerville is summoned by her Aunt Barbara to remotest Sussex Aunt Babs is going to Australia on a OAP-GAP year, and needs Billie to take over running her shop... her wedding dress shop.

Putting a cynical, groom-hating, wedding-loathing, bride-detesting girl in charge of a bridal boutique might seem a little rash, but before long Billie cant help but get swept away by the romance of the whole thing, and by village life. She gives the shop a much-needed makeover, reunites lovers - not to mention longlost relatives - and starts rebuilding her own life.

Its all starting to look up, even if her family are crazy, her gay best friend is the talk of the village, and Billie is still emailing her ex. Enter, stage left, a very handsome firefighter...

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