Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Selling at RM25
Author autographed copy
Condition: Pre-loved (MINT condition)

My thoughts
I absolutely love..love..love Mary Janice Davidson. Similarly, this is a must read for all her fans. This book contains three short stories (interwoven) - sweet strangers, lovely lies and delightful deception.

In sweet strangers...
Renee Jardin never meant to become the world's most sought-after thief. But the minute she walks out of her biotech firm accidentally carrying "The Cure" -- the most important scientific discovery of the century -- she's on the run from ruthless bioengineers, cops, and the U.S. government.

In lovely lies...
Peter Random lost everything when he was outwitted by that goody-goody Renee Jardin. Late in his rent, his job gone, Peter vows he'll never let anyone get close enough to burn him again. So why can't he seem to tell Lori Jamieson and her troubles to hit the road?

In delightful deception...
At the biotech firm, they call her Thea "I.Q." Foster -- "I.Q." for either Intelligence Quotient or Ice Queen, depending. Slipping the Cure into Renee's tote bag was satisfying revenge, but now that the fun's over, Thea sets her sights on a new challenge: sarcastic, secretive Jimmy Scrye.