Sunday, April 12, 2009

Reality bites!

Bachelorette #1
Jennifer O' Connell
Selling at RM20
Condition: Pre-loved

My thoughts
A very light. lively and funny read. Perfect for a rainy day in with a mug of hot coffee or milo. That's the way to enjoy life. yumMm!

Sarah Holmes is one of the glamorous young hopefuls competing for the heart of "The Stag"—the sexy, charming bachelor on America's hottest reality TV show. But she isn't just another bachelorette. She's an undercover reporter for Femme magazine, writing a juicy expose about the women desperate enough to go on TV to vie for a man and the bachelor shallow enough to view dating as a ratings game. But what she discovers is an alternate reality far more seductive than she ever expected. Caught up in a whirlwind of moonlight swims, limo rides, and champagne toasts, Sarah stops working on her article...and starts wanting to win.