Monday, June 8, 2009

The bane of existence

Derik's Bane
Mary Janice Davidson
Selling at RM20
Condition Used - *AS NEW*

My thoughts
She has done it again! Great sense of humour, witty dialogue, fearless heroine and hunky hero. Best loved for her Betsey series, MJD delves into her latest paranormal (AGAIN) romance.... this time with a powerful sorceress and an uber good-looking werewolf! I just love LOVE love MJD and wished that more of her books can be bought in Malaysia!

Davidson's comedic werewolf-meets-sorceress romance will elicit delighted howls of laughter. Derik, a werewolf with a supergorgeous body to match his superpowered strength, wakes up alpha one morning; then, after the seer of the Wyndham werewolves has a vision of the end of the world, he is sent off to California to "take care" of Morgan Le Fay before she brings on the apocalypse. But Dr. Sara Gunn has no idea that she is an incarnation of the evil sorceress. And besides, she researched the legend of the enchantress in college and knows that her vilification was caused by patriarchal distortions of the historical record. When Derik discovers that he is unable to kill her as instructed, they set off to stop a cult that may destroy the world while trying to instigate King Arthur's return. Davidson's use of coarse language is perfect for Derik's canid personality. He, wolfishly enough, really does only have two major concerns in life: sex and food. This riotous romp is the first full-length novel in Davidson's Wyndham Werewolves series.
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